Sunday 28 September 2008

Michael Webber Fri 10.00

Michael performed a range of different tricks starting with card effects using a stacked deck which he all taught us in apparently 2 mins! I can still remember it, so it must be ok (note the word OK). Then he moved onto some optical illusions using the idea of a folded piece of card with the area of a shape of a spoon cut out to bend. Michael then moved onto a mentalist effect where he invited 4 spectators to join him on stage, 3 of them drew a picture of there choice and the other spectator was then handed all 3 drawing and was asked to think of 1 and Michael correctly drew the house that was being thought of who would have thought it ….. a HOUSE. It was a strong effect all the magic was quite strong but Michael came across a bit arrogant and bossy at times!
6.5/10 - Matt Parro UK

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