Friday 26 September 2008

Thursday Review

Bill Herz
Unfortunatly I only caught a little of this, but in essence it was mainly concerning the business side of magic and how to market yourself, including useful tips on business cards & websites.

Mike Bent
If you're a kids entertainer and you missed this, you missed a treat. This lecture was full of great tricks & tips. I'm not a kids entertainer but even I really enjoyed this. In particular was the rabbit production which was great.

Close-up Competitions
Mat s doing the main write up for with scores etc, but in essence for me it's between John Van Der Put, Rob James & Will Gray for first second & third.

And here are our scores:
Rob James M=9 S=8
Mark Shortland M=7.5 S=7.5
Paul Ray M=5 S=5
Ali Shelley M=7.5 S=5
John Van Der Put M=9 S=9
Andrew Melia M=6.5 S=5
Dave Allen M=7 S=6
Michael Jordan M=8 S=8
Don Simpson M=5 S=4
Will Gray M=7 S=8
Find out later on if we are right!

Bob Kohler
This lecture was interesting & entertaining although I did think the explaination of an old marketed effect (aces in their faces) and a blister coin were rather pointless, but I did enjoy it.

Thursday Night Show
Great show! There was Oscar Munoz who used ropes, rings & balloons. Levent was excelent, bazarre but excellent. Mark Mitton was as funny as they come, and bordering on insane (in a good way). And Michael Webber predicted & phone number in an amazingly open maner, I have no idea how he did it??? John Archer did an awesome as emcee.

Late Night Show
Jeff Hobson took the helm for this and even 'dragged' the show to a frenzy in Oscar's second act that evening. Nic Einhorn, John Armstrong & John Lovett also took part. I must say Armstrong didn't look too happy to be there, maybe it was too late for him?

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