Thursday 18 September 2008

About The IBM Magic Convention 2008 Blog

Hello and welcome to the first ever Live IBM Magic Convention Blog! This Blog will officially start on Wednesday 24th of September, and will contain reviews, news, photos and even VIDEOS.... yes i said videos, of this year's programme. Please leave comments and questions about the convention here (please not as anonymous) and we'll try and get back to you as soon as possible! Enjoy the Blog!


Anonymous said...


I first found out about you from that fantastic Blackpool Blog.

Can't wait for this one as I get to see more of you. Any chance of a top less shot?

Lots of Love


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to his as not able to attend. Great one from Blackpool so more of the same expected.

You've set the bar high!

Have a great time, have a few diet cokes on me


Unknown said...

Hi Mat,

Where's this conventing?
Hope you're well dude.

Simon 'The Sorcerer' Nicol

Matt Parro said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the comment.
The Convention is taking place at The Congress theatre from the 24th Sept to the 27th! Pop along it should be good!
Go to for more info.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt. Looking forward to getting the updates since I can't be at Eastbourne. Cheers,