Sunday 28 September 2008

The Dealers

So what were the dealers like? Well they were good but.... just like everyone else was saying why were they shutting so early? There wasn't even an evening dealers session! I think the dealers were a bit angry with this and so too were the shoppers! Price wise I really can’t understand how 1 stall can sell loops for £5 then at the other end of the hall someone's selling them for £9 which quite frankly is InZane! (hint hint)

There were 2 stands that both me a Stuart went to and had a really good chat with the people on there! First off was Razamatazz, I do not perform kids’ magic but if I did this is where id be buying from. These are MODERN!! Yes I said the word all magicians seem to hate! These are modern looking tricks!! Which are made from quality materials. BIN that 1960's looking rabbit and get 1 of their props! You will not regret it!

The next stand was. Craig Petty! With The Magic Company team and oh my, can this guy! do some sick moves! (Again for the older readers sick is like cool! - Oh and cool is like really good - make sense? :D ) He was selling his coin effects mostly the split coin and his flipper coin and DVDs of course! Genuine guy, he is also a very nice, bloody brilliant stuff! Book him for your club, jus remember Craig 25% will do nicely, oh and come to our club first :P

Overall good dealer stands but can’t compete with Blackpool but then again who can?

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