Sunday 28 September 2008

International Gala Show Scores Fri 20:00

Jeff Hobson Hosts 9/10

Jason Byrne 8/10
Raymond Crowe 8/10
Michael Finney 7/10
Norm Nielson 6/10
Tony Chapek 7/10
Claudius Specht 6/10
Kalin & Jinger 8/10

Well what can i say! it was in all a very good show! and was very well put together! i even had a better seat than Ali Bongo and Alan Shaxon, that might have been because some 6'4 tall man was sitting in front of them in the 3rd row1.... oh it was me (evil)hahaha!

I had seen Tony Chapek and Raymond Crowe before but both were very entertaining.

I had been asked to be a bit more ruthless in my reviewing which i think i was already even more so on the Blackpool blog so this is me being ruthless...

Only 2 things really, 1 Norm Nielson performed very well for a 70 year old guy (so I overheard) but he looked far too old in my opinion and I don’t think he blinked once it was quite scary! 2. Claudius was good and very entertaining and his juggling was excellent but he dropped FAR FAR too much! we all have bad nights! But he must have gone off stage thing god that was awful! Shame could have been excellent!


Anonymous said...

dropped far far too much? hmmm, his drop recoveries were excellent - that is more of a measure in my opinion... and since we don't juggle... how do we know how hard the dropped move were?? they may have been near on impossible for all I know!

Anonymous said...

Norm Nielson looked far too old!?!? given this was probably his last appearance I'd imagine he would be old!! If you're still performing at 70+ and as well as norm can perform, AND you've done as much for magic as norm nielson has... then I'll also say that you "looked far too old" *wtfres* !!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Neilson looked past his peak. Very slow now.

Also, juggler dropped a lot. Was still great though

Anonymous said...

I thought the Gala show was one of the best I'd seen,it was very entertaining and a good Variety.
Michael Finney (USA) was brill and did it for me Delivery and timimg was spot on.