Friday 26 September 2008

Friday - Eddie Daws, Jubilee Jubilations

Eddie Dawes intrduced the following acts:

Roy Davenport performed the extended version of Lewis Davenport's act including doves, a female assistant with costume changes, billiard balls, a mutilated
parasol and more.
Matt Says: Now that lit match was cool! He placed a large match box on the back of his fist gave it a little flick as it took its downward motion towards the floor he lit the match! - now thats HOT STUFF - Chortle!

Alec Proctor then peform magic of the 1950's with effects including, ropes, silks, linking rings, a lovely levitating zombie without foolard. Unfortunatly it
was very slow paced and all the effects only really received polite applause.
Matt Says: Techno mixed with classical music! Interesting!

The Great Nardini. I have had the pleasure of seeing this acts several times and every time it's as good and funny as the first. One of my favourite acts.
Matt Says: Loved it - it was like watching clay pigeon shooting - but a fun version! Great Stuff.

Romany. Again I have seen Romany many times and unfortunatly shes wasn't quite up to her usual high standard (but still much better than most acts). A few mistakes
including a wardrobe malfunction did seem to put her off.
Matt Says: Went to the toilet.

Amethyst. Danny & Annette and not only a fantastic act, they are also really nice people, there acts was new and included a new illusion I hadn't seen before which was
fabulous, well done you two. Also in there acts was the empty box appearance, the samllest sub trunk in the world, a walk thru steelplate, colour changing
records, drink in the news and the snowstorm set to Annette singing "What if".
Matt Says: they get better and better each time I see them. Today I was very impressed. With an illusion I had not seen them perform before it was a 360 version of the zig zag lady!


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