Friday 26 September 2008

Juan Tamariz Lecture 12:00

Wowzers! What a great lecture! This guy is pretty screeching hilarious.
He started off with a jumbo 3 Card Monte Trick. Then moved onto an affect of a card jumping out of the card box and he performed it twice but this time he… revealed it in his wallet.

After a few card effects later he performed 3 variations of oil & water, which in honesty made my jaw drop – they were sweet!

Juan then did a prediction with somebody over the phone! This was entertaining and modern!

His last trick used a blue deck and a red deck. the decks were shuffled and cut many times the red faced cards were placed into there corresponding boxes and the black cards were placed on the table and shuffled and mixed again. A card was picked from the blue pile and who would have believed it at the same location of the red back cards was the matching card. Not only that but every card matched in order. Finally the card boxes were brought into play and the cards matched again! The show ended to a partially standing ovation! 1 Word Quality!!


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Anonymous said...

MattyBoy said I wouldn't comment on this since he's sitting next to me... but technically, Juan did not predict the card thought of by the person Mandy called... he "read their mind".

Oh and, Matt, stop having diggs at Ice-Man...