Monday 29 September 2008

Gala Show - Stu's Views

This show was emceed by Jeff Hobson who did a fantastic job of keeping it all running. There were some super gags.

Jason Byrne, made doves and budgies appear from every orifice, finally producing a duck.

Raymond Crowe, borrowed a jacket from an audience member then brought it to life and danced with it, wonderful. Then he went on to perform his hand shadow routine which is remarkable. If you missed it or want to see it again

Michael Finney, very funny guy. I was worried when the audience member who was asked what she did for a living she said she was a carer for her husband which a lot of performs may have lost the audience with a gag at that point, Michael managed to show true professionalism and the audience seemed to love him for it. He performed 6 card repeat, rope routine and card on forehead.

Norm Nielson, started with card juggling then coin productions and finally his signature violin zombie routine.

Tony Chapek, is a multi award winning magician and it shows, his timing and originality is impeccable. If you haven't see his act live, you need to, in the meantime

Claudius Specht, a very entertaining juggling act with a wonderful assistant (a remote control bin follows him and throws out clubs on cue). In disagreement with Matt here, jugglers often drop a club when they attempt their hardest feat to emphasise how hard it is, I think on this occasion he did that, then dropped the second attempt, third time lucky.

Kalin & Jinger, I may well be hated for saying this but I thought this was the weak act of the evening. It may be down to the fact that Kalin got his foot caught in rope attached to an illusion and fell over, but it just seemed that the patter at times was strained and there were long silent gaps. The illusions themselves were performed okay featuring an orginal sawing the lady in half & slide puzzle illusion. The billard ball routine to music was slow and laboured and the gozinta box was an odd choice. The lighting cues went wrong too, which meant half a minute of Kalin asking, pleading then begging in pitch black for a follow spot. Last moan is I had dodgy seats so I was right up top, please illusionists eveywhere consider the people upstairs when you produce the girl from the back of the theatre, we can't see and don't know what's happening, find somewhere else to produce her from, or be more descriptive, a "and there she is" and long silence till she runs thru the isle doesn't work for us.

(Sorry but Mr Hudson told us to be more edgy).

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