Sunday 28 September 2008

Juan Tamariz Lecture 14:00

Juan man was back again, to send crowd into frenzy! lol (laugh out loud - to some of our older readers) ok... can you imagine a frenzy of magicians, now that would make for a comical video for the blog!

Tamariz started off by talking about the 44 degree foot position where he stands so that everyone in the room feels involved which i think they were! he then moved on to reveal his jumbo 3 card monte routine which he had performed the previous day! it was very clean! I'm still not sure if he was talking about wax or ear plugs though?!?!?

After this he performed the trick 'exactly the same' which in my opinion is a very nice routine and idea!

Juan is very good this was the first time i had seen him! and i was very impressed but seeing him 3 times in the space of 26 hours was prob jus about enough! Shuffle shuffle SHUFFLE!! Hilarious! But after 3,457 of them (yes i counted) it was jus a tad repetitive.

Still good though 7/10

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